I bought deck coat for my boat dock. Let me just say what amazing looking and durability it has. Also helps in areas that were slippery, now they are no longer slippery. The grip and maintenance on this coating is unreal.
I used deck coat on my snowmobile trailer, protected the wood deck from salt, oils, gases, and water. Even the spikes on the sled. I highly recommend it for every snowmobile trailer.
Once you have this on your deck there's no going back. I love the way it looks and feels. Maintenance is much easier now too. Highly recommend.
I was in the process of tearing down my wood deck when I was told about this product. It was easy to install and now my deck looks better than when it was new. No more staining, no more maintenance, plus you saved me thousands of dollars in replacement costs. I highly recommend this for anyone in the same situation.
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