Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete flooring is becoming increasingly popular for business premises because it is highly sustainable and resilient. Concrete floors protect the floor against regular damage and defects that require vigorous maintenance. Concrete coatings are prevalent in many business premises, such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Warehouse
  • Universities and schools
  • Automotive dealerships and garages
  • Retail stores

Commercial flooring can undergo damage by more than just heavy machinery or operational equipment. A whole host of factors, including frequent footwork, moisture, ground shifts, or temperature shifts, can contribute to the weakening of the floor.

Signs you should replace concrete floor coatings.


Concrete can break and flake away in thin layers to create an uneven and dusty surface. These damages can cause bumps and spalling that happens when heavy machinery operates the area. These problems are common when the original installer fails to follow a high-quality procedure.


Small cracks form during the floor’s drying process. Tiny cracks are harmless, but big ones can progress to worse ones over time.


Dropping heavy objects on the floor will create dents and humps that continue to expand with continual use of the floor.

Benefits of installing commercial concrete coatings


It is difficult to find a flooring option that is as durable and yet as affordable as concrete.  Tile flooring is an attractive surface for a regular corporate office. It will, however, have substandard performance in an industrial space like the warehouse. Business owners can protect the floor from normal wear and tear by using a deterioration-resistant surface that does not stain or chip with the slightest pressure.

Resistance to moisture

Epoxy is a naturally resistant coating that does not absorb moisture or is susceptible to stains or spills. Coating the concrete with epoxy prevents the growth of mold on the subsurface and reduces the amount of repair and replacement needed on the subfloor. Concrete floor coatings are, therefore, important for high moisture areas like the laundromat, bathroom, kitchen, restaurant, or medical facilities.


Epoxy concrete floor coatings are one of the most affordable flooring alternatives in comparison to other options. One can apply concrete coats directly onto the concrete floor without extra materials and complicated installation. It is, therefore, a smart choice for businesses that have a prudent budgeting system.


Concrete coatings like epoxy have some of the most versatile aesthetics. Epoxy has many colored flakes with different shades of colors. One can arrange the floor into various designs or patterns to enable one to match the style with their company branding or home appeal.

Easy maintenance

Can you imagine scrapping off oil spots from the bare concrete floor in your garage? Fast and easy cleaning is essential to businesses that need an everlasting positive impression on customers, such as malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. Additionally, the elimination of porous surfaces and cracks makes the cleaning process simple and clean.

Deck Coat is the best concrete coating company in the region because we have a smooth installation program and extensive years of experience. Contact our office today for detailed information on how we can help you find the best coating for commercial or residential buildings.



Concrete Floor Coatings
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Concrete Floor Coatings
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