Concrete Deck Coating

Coated concrete has its advantages. From its durability to a magnificent aesthetic appeal, concrete deck coating can make a significant difference when applied to residential and commercial flooring. The application of a concrete coating to any flooring helps to prevent surface discoloration and signs of wear and tear as they extend concrete life by preventing further damage.

However, a concrete coating is not limited to a specific area of use; it correctly serves commercial purposes just the same way it serves residential purposes, making it suitable for both applications. Continue reading as we uncover how business owners and homeowners can benefit from installing a concrete coating on their flooring.


There is no other flooring alternative as cost-effective and yet sustainable as the concrete coating. Concrete floors chip and crack easily if the surface is impacted hard enough. And also, in high traffic areas, a solid concrete floor will show wear and tear. However, with the introduction of concrete coating to concrete floors will, the normal wear and tear can be prevented.

With the application of concrete deck coating to concrete surfaces, it provides a new deterioration-resistant surface. Also, it protects concrete floors from staining, chipping, surface abrasion, and other defects. For businesses with heavy foot traffic or heavy-duty machine operation on the floor, concrete deck coating will protect your floor, allowing it to last for a very long time without worrying.


In contrast to many people's thought concrete coating, this coating is earthy flooring alternative with a wide range of applications in various settings. Concrete deck coatings can be used to create a charming aesthetic appeal for all garages, commercial flooring, and a lot more.

These coatings are made of surplus colored acrylic flakes available in different colors, making it possible for buyers to select standard color options for a perfect blend. Besides, it also provides the possibility for floor arrangement into patterns and designs, whereby owners can tailor the color and floor pattern to enhance the appeal of the environment.


Slip and fall accidents tend to be the primary cause of injuries in the home. They remain the most common source of injuries within the house, and second to car accidents, majorly for individual deaths. When your garage floor gets wet from rain, spills, or snow, your deck becomes slippery due to the kind of installed coating, which could be dangerous. One could skid across the floor, mainly when engaged in a task or moving groceries into the house. Kids are always mobile, running in and out, making it more like for them to slip when on a wet surface.

You can request for a non-slip finish surface when installing your concrete coating. The coating components are made to resist slips even when you have a wet floor surface.

Are you thinking of giving your garage or business environment a new look and more functionality? Concrete deck coating could be a better option for that unique aesthetic appeal you seek. Our skilled technicians bring professionalism to every job. In just two days, your space will be newly spruced up. For more information, contact us today.

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Concrete Deck Coating
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